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3D printer at the center 4 autism

The Creative Community and
Career Center 4 Autism

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To help adults on the spectrum achieve their purpose in life with the support of a stable, caring community.

Our Mission

About C4

About C4

Custom Path

Each C4 member identifies their own life purpose and ways they want to contribute to the world.  Some members will choose part-time jobs working for existing companies while others may choose to become  entrepreneurs and be their own bosses. Some members may choose to volunteer with local organizations, pursue hobbies or take a gap year.


Regardless of the path members choose for themselves, C4 is dedicated to meeting members where they are and supporting them in their pursuit of life purpose and fulfillment.

C4 individualize plans for members
C4 Lounge area for socialization, movies and games


Autistic adults often experience increased loneliness and isolation after high school. In contrast, a synergy occurs when likeminded people unite to support each other in achieving goals.  C4 is a community of adults working alongside each other.  Members can rely on each other as much or little as needed. 


Some members may choose open collaboration on projects such as creating YouTube channels, publishing novels, studying for tests, filling out job applications or practicing interview skills. Others may choose to work independently in “parallel play" at the center without speaking to other members.


C4 members will have ample opportunities to practice the soft skills necessary to function in the world today. Those wishing to pursue traditional employment will have opportunities to master required industry-standard job skills for the roles of: team member, team leader or supervisor.


Depending on training goal, members will practice tasks such as showing up on time, setting a schedule, signing in and out, wearing a name tag, calling in late or sick, reading pay stubs, meeting deadlines, signing paperwork, following safety protocols, tracking inventory, reporting to supervisors, demonstrating tasks to colleagues and supervising others.

C4 members who choose non-traditional ways to fulfill their purpose will be supported in fine-tuning  skills, crafts and interests to a level of excellence set according to each person’s goals and desires.

C4 members making jewelry

Creative Exploration

C4 members will have dedicated and supportive space to pursue their creativity using a variety of media, tools and resources such as: paints, knitting, cross stitch, jewelry and wire wrapping tools, Cricut Machine and 3D Printer among others. Members at C4 will have the option to learn how to use these tools in order to express themselves creatively and confidently as they navigate the neurotypical world.

Members will have the opportunity to submit their handcrafted items for consideration in shopNeurodiverse, where curated items are sold to the public.  Proceeds from these sales go directly to the artisans who create and sell each unique item.


The neurotypical world can be overwhelming, confusing and exhausting. This leads to masking and autistic burnout. Many of us have anxiety and trauma surrounding education and employment and that makes learning new skills and reaching goals extra challenging.  


C4 members learn in a self-paced, sensory-friendly environment, with plenty of stim tools, breaks, accommodations and peer support to help adjust to the demands of socialization and employment or entrepreneurship. 


For those individuals who are recovering from anxiety, burnout and trauma, C4 is a space for healing and remaining connected without the pressure of traditional educational and employment programs. 

C4 is sensory friendly

Is C4 Right 4 Me?

C4 is ideal for men and women (18+) with social communication challenges and sensory issues who would benefit from peer support and the opportunity to explore a variety of resources. 


Members should have:

  • The ability to work with moderate to minimal supervision.

  • The ability to verbalize wants, needs and concerns.

  • The desire for self- improvement and motivation to reach personal goals.

  • A willingness to work through fears and try new things.


Make neurodivergent friends at C4
Is C4 Right 4 Me?

How C4 Works
The Enrollment Process


Fill Out Application

Fill out the online application by clicking the link on this website. 


Schedule Consultation

You will receive an email to schedule an appointment to talk to someone on the C4 team.  They will get to know you and answer any questions you may have about C4.


Complete Enrollment Paperwork

If accepted to C4, you will complete enrollment paperwork.  Applicants who do not enroll will be referred to other services.



C4 is a drop-in, peer mentor, membership program designed to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of each participant.  Members can choose to come from 20 minutes to 20 hours/week.


Complete Individual Plan

You will receive an individualized plan based on your application and consultation process that maps out the specific steps to make the most of your membership and help you reach your goals.


Orientation and Training

Members will go through an orientation and training process. This ensures everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience and knows what to expect. It also prepares traditional job seekers for employment.



Three, 9 or 12 month tuition covers all costs for use of equipment, supplies, snacks and beverages.

 C4 accepts private pay only.  There are limited opportunities for scholarships. 

Our Team

Our Team

C4 is autistic run.  We all know the challenges of being neurodivergent, have each found ways to thrive, and have a passion for sharing what we have learned with others.
Contact Us

Get in Touch

Text- 843-557-4978

Thanks for reaching out!

C4 Hours


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

​Sun - Tues

  1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


401 Seacoast Parkway, Suite B

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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